2024 Dental Hygiene License Renewal

Dear Licensees, 


Due to the high volume of calls the Board receives during May 1st – June 30th of each year, we encourage you to reach out with questions and concerns via email for a timelier response.  Please feel free to contact the Board at NSBDE@dental.nv.govWe appreciate your patience!   


Please be advised, the Board highly recommends renewing through the online portal for faster results and to mitigate phone and email correspondence. Please see the link below. All Dental Hygiene Licensees (active, inactive and retired/disabled) (NRS 631.330) may either renew online or download the license renewal application for your particular license status. All renewals must be submitted to the Board office on/before June 30, 2024. 


For a detailed instructional sheet, please see the below link. Please remember, the Board office experiences a high volume of calls during the renewal period. Your patience is appreciated.


2024 Renewal Instructional Form



Should you wish to renew via paper format, please select from the below forms. Please be advised, all Dental Limited Licenses must submit a copy of your current employment contract in addition to the renewal application. 


ACTIVE - Dental Hygiene Renewal.

INACTIVE - Dental Hygiene License Renewal.

RETIRED/DISABLED - Dental Hygiene License Renewal.

LIMITED - Dental Hygiene License Renewal.

LIMITED - Dental License Renewal.

LIMITED - Dental License by SUPERVISION Renewal..