1. When do I renew my dental or dental hygiene license?

Renewal notices are made available online by March/April of each year with a deadline of June 30th for completion of the renewal process. Dentists renew in odd years; Hygienists renew in even years.

    2. Does the renewal form have to be notorized?

    No.  It is not requires that each license-holder who actively practices in this state or any other jurisdiction attest to his/her renewal information by having the renewal notarized.

      3. How many hours of Continuing Education are required?

      Dentists are required to complete at least 20 hours annually (40 hours for biennial renewals) and dental hygienists are required to complete at least 15 hours annually (30 hours for biennial renewals) of approved continuing education credits. The number of hours required may be pro-rated depending on your date of initial licensure. Contact the Board office if you have questions.

        4. Do I need to take a CPR course every year?

        Depends. Board Regulations require that licensees maintain CURRENT CPR, ACLS, or
        PALS certification. If the certification is effective for more than a one-year period, then no up-date is necessary until the certification expires. However, current certification dates must be submitted each time you renew. In addition, any course taken, pursuant to NAC 631.173, subsection 3, must be taught by a certified instructor. Online certification is NOT accepted. CPR hours may not be included in satisfying the required CE credits for renewal.

          5. Can part of the CE hours be completed as a home study or computer course?

          Yes. Up to 50% of hours per renewal period (15 hours for Hygienists renewing biennially and 20 hours for Dentists renewing biennially) may be completed as home-study. Also, attendance at business sessions of a dental or dental hygiene society may be counted for no more than 3 hours each year (or 6 hours if renewing biennially). Continuing education courses offered in addition to the business meetings may also be counted.

            6. What happens if my renewal is not completed by the deadline of June 30th?

            Renewals must be received (not postmarked) in the Board office on/before June 30th, AND must be complete. Those that are not received/complete by June 30th will be returned to the licensee for completion and the license will be AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED. A mandatory reinstatement fee of $300 is added to the renewal fee. Licenses on suspension are AUTOMATICALLY REVOKED twelve months after
            suspension, if not reinstated.

              7. Is it okay to wait for renewal in order to make an address change with the Board?

              No. Board regulations require that a license-holder notify the Board in writing of any change in his/her business, residence and/or mailing address within 30 days of the change. The Board may assess a penalty of $50 for violating this regulation. Licensees now have the convenience of updating their address information online. To make a change click on the Change of Address link.


                  1. I am a dental hygiene holding a current Nevada license. Is a separate permit required for me to administer local anesthesia and/or nitrous oxide analgesia?

                  Yes. Dental hygienists who have completed an approved course in local anesthesia and/or nitrous-oxide analgesia must apply for a permit if they would like to administer. Permit applications are available online under ‘LICENSEE FORMS'.

                    2. I am a Nevada licensed dentist. How do I obtain a permit to use conscious sedation or general anesthesia in my office?

                    Dentists who have completed requirements for using conscious sedation and/or general anesthesia in the dental office, may apply for a permit. Site visits are required prior to issuance of the permit. See NAC 631.2211-NAC 631.2256 for complete details and requirements. Applications are available online under the ‘Licensee Resources'.

                      3. A patient with an outstanding balance on his/her account has a requested a copy of their records. Can I withhold the records until the balance is paid in full?

                      No. Nevada Revised Statute 629.061 mandates that health care practitioners provide a copy of all patient records when requested by the patient or the patient’s representative. The law does allow for a nominal charge for copying. However, records may not be withheld until the account is paid.